Thursday, March 15, 2012

Hubby's Birthday

Today was Hubby's birthday,  so we went out for supper, we decided to do wings from Bubba Ray's, a sports pub here in Halifax, they have, I think 60 different flavors for their wings! One flavor, is called the death wing, it's so hot, they make you sign a waiver before you eat one, and they bring you only one... well, hubby tried it... holy cow! we are regular spicy food eaters, so he can usually handle a fair amount of heat, but wow, second after finishing the little fiery red chicken wing, I could see his face start to turn red and start to sweat! He said it took about 15 minutes before the burn subsided enough for him to be able to taste again. Brave man...

the rest of the wings that we tried were mighty tasty though we had honey garlic, sweet fire, Cajun and spicy mustard, all very good. Thursday they are on for 0.45$ each! can't go wrong with that!

After supper, we decided to venture down to Dairy Queen to see if they were still open and grab an ice cream cake to finish off the birthday celebrations. These are always good. No debate about that. 

And now the night draws near the end for me, feeling pretty sleepy after all the wings and ice cream cake hahaha.

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