Thursday, March 15, 2012

very first post!! wow...

Well, I figured I'd at least post something to indicate an active page...

What I hope to use this for is to be able to blog about stuff I do, my life, struggles, etc. 

One of my favorite hobbies is knitting, I have been doing so all winter, this is one of the things I will be posting about, including pictures of projects I'm working on,  the trial and tribulations of teaching myself how to knit, patterns etc.

 I am also a business owner, I own a tattoo and body piercing studio with my husband, we have both been working in the industry for 11 years, he is a tattoo artist and I am a body piercer, and I am also trained and certified in laser tattoo removal, which we provide as a service in our studio. I will be posting about daily studio life, what I do issues we deal with, photos of our work, etc.

I love painting and coloring, and I also design and make jewelry. I plan on posting about these hobbies as well, and posting photos of projects.

Last but not least, there will more than likely be random postings about weirdness, my cats, road trips, etc.

This photo here is of my first completed arm warmer, in my favorite colors... rainbow :D  I've yet to complete the second as I have been knitting for my mom and sister and niece. I have completed a cute cupcake hat for my niece,  some ankle warmers and matching Tam (slouchy beret) for mother, and a tam for my sister. I love knitting for others, but need to knit for myself. I have a few projects in mind, some socks, slippers, a cardigan, couch blanket, which is in the works,  I will be posting about that next, as my current project.

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